REOS Airdrop & Crowd Sale Updates

Hello REOS community,

We have some very important news to share this week but first we want to thank everyone who submitted their YouTube & blog links to participate in our reward program. We are still in the process of reviewing submissions. Those who are selected will be getting an email from us very soon (some of you already did)!

Airdrop Update

Airdrop participants will like this: we had originally stated that we would distribute your earned tokens until after the end of the REOS crowd sale, but we have decided to do it sooner. Token distribution will begin on August 31, 2018! So make sure to complete your tasks, invite your friends to join so they don’t miss out, and add your wallet address to your REOS dashboard profile to make sure your receive your tokens.

For airdrop related questions, please ask in our airdrop/bounty campaign Telegram group.

New Crowd Sale Date

In our participants’ best interests and given the market’s current state, we have decided to move the REOS crowd sale date to October 15, 2018. Our team wants to make sure we have a successful crowd sale, and we are working hard to make sure it happens. Meanwhile, private sale is ongoing. If you’re interested, please contact us directly for more info.

Stay tuned for further updates and thank you for continuing to help us spread the word about REOS. Remember you can do so by spreading this message on your social media, Telegram groups, and even on Bitcointalk! Copy and paste the message below or write your own:

REOS is the world’s first blockchain-based cryptographic exchange for digital content.

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Let's continue to push forward!

Until next week,

Leon Bian
REOS Project Lead